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Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Weekend Results

Week 15 saw some of the biggest upsets of the year in the NFL. More teams have been eliminated from the post season and many more will learn their fate this coming week. ESPN has the results from all last week games as well as the highlights and low-lights.

The first teams up from Sundays games are the Cardinals and the Falcons. In the battle of the birds the Falcons chased the Cards right out of the coup, winning 14-40. The next game we have the Lions at the Bills and the Bills managed to tame the Lions 13-14. 

In the “Windy City” the Bears hosted the Packers and for the first time in 8 years at home the Bears beat the Pack 17-24. The Raiders faced the Bengals in Cincinnati where the Raiders were raided by the Cats 16-30. One surprise of the weekend was the Cowboys vs the Colts in Indy. The Colts left the Boys with a “Bagel”, beating the Cowboys 0-23. The Vikings played the Dolphins who last week beat the Patriots. This week there was no “Miracle in Miami or Minneapolis” to help the Dolphins out, they lost 17-41. 

We also saw the Titans against the G-Men in New York. The Giants were also left with the “Goose Egg” losing to the Titans 17-0. The Redskins were left for dead by most, including myself, but they beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 16-13. The Buccaneers took on the Ravens in Baltimore where the Ravens sent the Pirates packing 12-20. The San Francisco 49ers showed “How the west was won” beating the Seattle Seahawks 23-26. 

For years the Patriots have had the Steelers number at Heinz Field. Big Ben and the Steelers had some revenge on Brady and the Patriots giving them their second straight loss 10-17. Another top team that suffered a loss last week was the Rams. The Rams looked to bounce back this week against the Eagles. but the Eagles had other plans winning 30-23. Monday night the Saints took on division rivals the Panthers. The Panthers could not stop the Saints power offense and ended up loosing 12-9.

Power Rankings

The rankings this week have seen some changes from last weeks numbers. Still on top of the heap are the New Orleans Saints. They have a firm hold on the number one spot with the Rams and the Chiefs loosing last week. The Team in the number two spot this week is the surging Los Angles Chargers.

The Chargers are in the Second spot this week which is up from fourth due to beating our number three ranked team the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are 11-3 on the year, but are down one spot after that loss to the Chargers last Thursday.

The Rams are in our fourth slot this week after dropping from last week third position. With last weeks loss to the Eagles the Rams look to get right in the next two game, time will tell. In the fifth spot and for the first time in the top five this year we have the Chicago Bears. The Bears have had two big wins over the Rams and the Packers in the last couple weeks to put themselves in the top five. 

Saturday Games

With no game on Thursday to break up the week it will be up to Saturdays games to fulfill that empty space. On Saturday we have two games on the roster. The first will be the Redskins at the Titans. According to ESPN the Titans are a 75 percent shoo-in to win this match-up. The one person to watch in this game is running back Derrick Henry from the Titans. In the last two week he has rushed for over 400 yards and scored 6 touchdowns, can he keep the streak alive against the Skins on Saturday. 

The second game on Saturday has an outstanding offense vs a lights out defense. The Chargers take on the Ravens and the Chargers have a surprising 79 percent chance of being the winners in this match-up according to ESPN. This game has a host of players to watch like the two QB’s, Phillip Rivers of the Chargers and Lamar Jackson of the Ravens. The runners of the ball are Melvin Gordon from the Chargers and once again I am going to point to Lamar Jackson, yes the same one as the QB. He has 114 carries and 566 yards in his four starts this year. The wide receiver to watch is Keenan Allen if he is healthy this week. Allen was on the injury report with a hip pointer that has him as questionable for the start according to ESPN


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