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Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Weekend Results

Last weekends games for the most part held few surprises. Here is a rundown according to ESPN of both the winners and losers.

First-up we have the Chicago Bears facing off against the San Francisco 49ers. The Bears won this round 14-9 advancing their playoff hopes for a first round bye. The Bengals took on the Browns in a battle for Ohio where the Browns were victorious 18-26. The Buccaneers came to Dallas to face the Cowboys where the Boys sank the Bucs 20-27.

The Vikings marched into Detroit to face down the Lions where they slayed the beast 27-9. The Giants nearly surprised the world with a win over the Colts. The Giants narrowly lost by a score of 27-28. Florida had a war of their own when the Jags faced off against the Dolphins. The Jags won this war 17-7.

In another match-up the Patriots hosted the Bills where the Pats won out 12-24. The Packers and the Jets took their contest all the way into OT where Rodgers led the Pack to a 44-38 win.

The Texans went into Philly to face the Eagles and newly “Sainted” Nick Foles. The Eagles beat the Texans 30-32 to once again try to defend last years Championship. The Falcons took on the Panthers without Cam Newton in Carolina where the Falcons won 24-10. The Rams looked to keep their number one ranking in tact by beating the Cardinals 31-9.

The Steelers traveled to the Big Easy to face off against the Saints where the Saints beat the Steelers 28-31. The Chiefs went to the home of the “12” in Seattle to face the Seahawks. That stadium and the 12th man gave the advantage to the Hawks beating the Chiefs 31-38. On Monday we most likely saw the last match up between the Raiders and the Broncos in Oakland. The Raiders did not let their fans down beating the Broncos 14-27.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Week 17 in the NFL brings all 32 teams to play on Sunday. That’s right 16 games all in one day.

We start off with the Dolphins at the Bills in Buffalo. Next on the block is the Lions vs the Packers at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. We will also see the Jaguars and the Texans in Houston at NRG Stadium. There is also a match between the Jets and the Patriots in Gillette Stadium. The Panthers will travel to the home of the Saints for a match at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Cowboys travel to the land of Giants to face off in MetLife Stadium. In the south we have a game between the Falcons and the Buccaneers in Raymond James Stadium. There is a very interesting match between the Browns and the Ravens, this is a rookie on rookie battle in Baltimore. The Raiders will head to KC to take on the Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium. In the north the Bears will travel to the land of 10,000 lakes to face the Vikings in U.S. Bank Stadium. The Steelers will fight for their playoff hopes when they host the Bengals at Heinz Field.

The Eagles will travel to DC to try and “Shutdown” Redskins at FedEx Field. The Chargers head to Denver to face the Broncos at the frigid Mile High Stadium. The Cardinals travel to the always tough “12” in Seattle to face the Seahawks in CenturyLink Field. The last matchup is two teams with even records at 9-6, the Colts at the Tennessee Titans in Nissan Stadium.

Bold Predictions

The first of my bold predictions this week will be the Jets beating the Patriots by a score of 21-17. The Jets will play the spoilers this week and set in play a change in dominance for the AFC East next year.

Next is an OMG, Giants team with no OBJ will beat the Cowboys by a score of 35-20. The Giants will finally get right after a year of trying to find cohesion.

How about the Raiders and the Chiefs. What if the Raiders beat the Chiefs, what if the Raiders win by +10, yes 28-17 a Raiders victory.

Next is the 49’ers vs the Rams in LA. I think the 9ers could play a big part in how the final standings are set. 9ers win this match 32-28.

Last on the list is the Cardinals at the Seahawks. This is a stretch, but I think it will be closer then it appears and the Cards will win 23-21 at the “12”.

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