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Christmas Cat. Photo by Adam.

Christmas is just around the corner (especially if you view time as a series of city blocks. Which is kind of weird, but it’s the holidays so we’ll let it pass) and the Facetagrawittchatzap feeds are filling up with memes. Friends and family are trying to spread a little cheer in a momentary effort to make people forget about all the hate and discontent they’ve been helping the Russians fuel all year.

Ooooh, a little too self-aware. Sorry, I’ll be good.

In mind of spreading cheer, here are some holiday memes to show that we care. Hopefully some of them will make you smile. If not, hopefully they’ll be able to help you one-up that relative who’s already posted seventy of the things this weekend, three of which had unintended spelling errors.

To start, because every meme blitz has cats….

And then there are the DIY’ers and crafters who just love to show off their construction skills to the rest of us. (If you’re a skilled crafter, I respect your abilities. I’m just tired of accidentally hot-gluing my fingers together.)

Sometimes a little silly is needed.

Of course, Christmas isn’t the only holiday being celebrated around this time. There’s also New Year’s. In this case, New Year’s at what seems to be Vermin Supreme’s house.

And Hanukkah. Which is one of the common spellings, which might help some of the goyim around the world.

Here’s an easy way to remember the beginning of it, at least.

But right now is mostly about Christmas. Which, because it’s often a sensitive matter to poke fun at the true religious origins, often results in Santa getting the brunt of the jokes.

Puppies are sweet, though. Santa jokes aren’t, always.

And of course, there’s the pain which Christmas brings to some. This is the one time of the year when, even if you had the option, you might not want to be him.

Question of the night: What’s the best holiday-related meme you’ve seen in recent days? (Remember: just because the body of the Night Owl avoids contemporary politics, the comment section is open thread.)

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