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Trolling Stephen Miller.

The protesters played drums and threw biodegradable confetti while chanting “Stephen Miller, what a villain, locking up immigrant children.”

WERK for Peace was formed following the 2016 massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

The group has hosted similar protests outside of the Washington, D.C., homes of Vice President Mike Pence and White House advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

The Hill

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Well. This is certainly one way to get your point across.

For ten years Ted Pelkey has been trying to move his business from Swanton, Vermont to his hometown, and onto his own property, to Westford. He runs a “monofilament recycling and truck repair business with his son,” and for those 10 years the town’s ‘Selectboard and Development Review Board’ have refused to grant Pelkey a permit to build an 8000 sq ft building for his business, The Hill reports.

Reason picks up the story, via the Burlington Free Press, with Pelkey telling them, “It’s just never-ending. They’re railroading us really good,” saying that his business is “a low-impact thing with such little traffic you’d wonder if we were open.”

So why won’t the town of Westford let Pelkey build the garage?

The Westford Selectboard and Development Review Board had denied Pelkey’s requests for the large garage, asserting that his applications did not meet the town’s standards for a variety of reasons. Among them, Pelkey’s application lacked necessary information about lighting that will “likely be needed for security purposes,” and did not effectively describe the purpose of the building, officials said.

Pelkey isn’t buying it, instead claiming the town review board is biased against him. “The strain (with local officials) has been there for 10 years.” “They don’t like us.”


Finally fed up, he tells his wife, “Hey, I want to get a statue made of a middle finger, and I’m going to put it up on the lawn.”

And for $4000, he did exactly that. Even better, because it is a 700-pound sculpture made of wood, it is considered art and falls under Pelkey’s right to freedom of speech/expression.

The state of Vermont does not allow “off premise billboards,” and this is not an advertisement. It is art. Public art, at that. According to Allison Hope, the Westford Selectboard Chair, Pelkey is not violating any city ordinances, saying, “The Pelkeys can do what they like to exercise their free speech within the laws and regulations.”

While Pelkey and his lawyer appeal the board’s rejection, the middle-fingered art is there to stay for the foreseeable future as a message to the city of Westford’s Selectboard and Development board members.

And wasn’t that nice of Pelkey, he even put up proper lighting for his sculpture, you know, for security purposes.

 😮  😆

In what appears to be the first instance of an elected official bringing up the QAnon conspiracy theory during official business, a city councilmember in California prayed during a lawmaker meeting this week that “God Bless Q.”

San Juan Capistrano councilmember Pam Patterson, who lost a re-election bid in November, used her goodbye address Monday to read a QAnon posting.

“God bless America, God bless Q, and God bless San Juan Capistrano,” Patterson said.

OC Weekly first reported Patterson’s remarks.

Daily Beast

Sorry, guys, it’s true… this is an example of why women live longer.

True story. Scientific fact.  😛 

Happy Friday!!!

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