Nothing Left To Do But Smile and Tell a Joke

Smiling blond girl with missing tooth. Photo by crimfants.

As the holidays approach we will hopefully all be able to visit with friends and family. This joyous occasion allows us to spend time with our loved ones and remind ourselves why we live far away from most of them. On this annual collection of festivities, we receive the opportunity to engage competitive siblings, weird uncles and old friends who we barely know any longer. Well, I have a great suggestion for you, liven up the party with a few bad political jokes. After all, when you mix politics, sarcasm and family what could possibly go wrong?

For this special season I would like to renew a little contest that we have had this past year. The best joke wins! Post your best joke and you could ride away with a non-existent prize!   

Previous Winner: Conservator1 with 24 points! All Time Funniest Score: BigJohn with 42 points!!  

The scoring is as follows: Each upvote for a joke of any kind = 1 point

The joke is about politics = 10 bonus points

The joke is about politics and includes the Comic Enhancer = 15 bonus points  

The Comic Enhancer for this contest will be: Chuck and Nancy  

We will wait for 24 hours after the post and tally the results. The most points wins the prestigious Blender’s Funniest Award.  

  1. Here are the rules: The joke must be semi-clean
  2. The joke can be from any source. You do not have to make up the joke yourself
  3. DBAJ  

I will get this party started with a couple examples:  

When I was a young boy my favorite thing to do was to play in the sandbox. The only problem is that the cats would always try to cover me up.  

The weather is really cold out today. I just saw my senator with his hands in his own pockets.    

May the funniest comic win!

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