TNB Night Owl – Don’t Assault Hair

We at The News Blender were not aware this message needed to be provided. We were wrong. Barbers – and others – have been demonstrating our folly.

The most recent assault charge arose in Germany, where, according to, a 34-year-old woman went into a salon in Wittenberge and showed the stylist an example of the haircut she wanted.

This is not an uncommon occurrence. She was peeved, however, when the haircut provided was shorter than the one in the picture. Too short, in fact; and after complaints the stylist responded by giving the woman hair extensions for free.

The woman complained about the hair extensions, however, claiming they gave her a headache. So she woman as filed a request with local police for assault charges against her hairdresser.

It happened this weekend, so the investigation is in progress. It’s very possible that the customer is merely overreacting. What was certainly not an overreaction, however, was the response to Visalia, California teacher Margaret Gieszinger.

On December 5, the chemistry teacher decided that she should wield scissors and wail the national anthem. Video from her students caught the incident:

It wasn’t a momentary breakdown, though. The teacher was later found to have tufts of hair in her purse. And in a bathroom drawer at her home.

Still, at least nobody was injured in either of these two incidents. Last year around this time, on Dec. 22, a patron at Ruby’s Salon in Madison, Wisconsin learned that injuries are possible.

The customer had asked for an inch off the top and the sides of his head shaved with a #2 clippers. And then, according to complaints made by the barber, Khaled A. Shabani, the man became unruly.

Specifically, he fidgeted. Far too much for Shabani’s liking, he fidgeted. The barber decided to show his displeasure in a very unwise fashion: he snipped the ear of the patron, then shaved a thick line down the center of the squirming man’s head with a #0 clippers.

Luckily for Shabani, his charge was a mere disorderly conduct.

Seriously, when some people have large, sharp scissors right next to someone else’s skull, everyone involved should attempt to be mature. There are better times and better ways to vent frustrations.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite distinctive (usually celebrity) haircut?

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