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James Bond and Domino in Thunderball, played by Sean Connery and Claudine Auger.

There are a surprising number of media museums in existence.  The Super museum in Metropolis, Illinois, for example, or the Cartoon Museum in London.  They gather items from the long history of a particular character, setting or genre and present them for viewers.

The James Bond museum tops them all.  Well, the NEW James Bond museum; there’s another one in Sweden which features not merely some of the costuming and props used in the films and the licensed toys and books which bore the Bond name, but original photos from Ian Fleming, rare scripts and more.  The museum also features clips from the various Bond movies which run during operating hours.  

They have even given considerable focus to one of the unstated co-stars of the Bond films, the vehicles.  They have a hovercraft, cars, and even the complete airplane set used for the movie “Spectre”.  It is a significant museum, but the new one has decided to be even more distinctive.

What does that is the museum’s height.  Specifically, its placement atop one of the Austrian Alps.  In true Bond-style flash, the creators of the museum decided to construct it in one of the impressive, remote settings popular in the Bond films – in this case, the Spectre movie and the Ice Q restaurant, which neighbors 007 Elements.

It is designed to be an immersive experience.  The museum is built into the permafrost of the mountain and allows the visitors to travel from room to room and walk through everything from a Briefing Room, a Tech Lab, and of course a Villain’s Lair.

If you want to go, be prepared to travel to it in style – panic-inducing, white-knuckled style for those afraid of heights.  The Bond Museum is primarily reached by cable car.

Question of the night: If you could have a museum constructed to a particular media character, television show, or genre, what would it be?

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