TNB Night Owl – Muhamed Kahrimanovic

Guinness World Records Day with Muhamed Kahrimanovic. Image from Muhamed Kahrimanovic Facebook.

Some days there’s a lot of exposition that’s useful in a Night Owl. Some days, it’s just something to show you. This is one of the latter.

Kahrimanovic is a holder of multiple Guinness World Records. Or, more accurately, a crusher of one. Specifically, the man can crush objects with his bare hands.

Shown above was his failed attempt to break the record of crushing coconuts with bare hands, and his successful attempt to break the most drink cans in 30 seconds while holding an unbroken raw egg (42).

He also set records for breaking baseball bats, smashing his way out of a locked car trunk without tools, crushing watermelons and more.

He made one other attempt to break the coconut record, and succeeded by breaking 118 in sixty seconds… a record beaten five years later by 32 year old Abheesh P. Dominic of India. But Muhamed’s successful attempt? That was a present to himself… for turning sixty.

Question of the night: What birthday present would you like to give yourself for your next “milestone year”?

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