TNB Night Owl – Talking Animal Christmas

Ornamental Christmas decorations. Photo by Nevit Dilmen.

There are enough cute animal videos on the internet to form their own 24-hour television channel. Some stand out, however, and among them are the “Ultimate Dog Tease”, which features a dog whose owner is telling him about all the meats and cheeses that he’s recently either eaten or given to the cat. Then there’s the “Welcome to Canada” beaver. And many videos of Jupiter and Kona, two Youtube cat stars who were adapted into talking-cat conversations.

While there are many imitators of his talking animal style, all of the videos mentioned above were made by the same person, Andrew “Klaatu42” Grantham. The result was that many other people wanted him to use their animals in his videos, perhaps to vault them to Jupiter & Kona levels of fame. How did he deal with these requests?

Christmas videos.

So, for your holiday entertainment, the animals of Youtube singing Christmas carols and reading stories. You’re welcome, if you like them. Otherwise, I’m sorry.

12 Days of Christmas

Jingle Bells

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Up On the Housetop

Question of the night: What has been your most photogenic pet?

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