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Here is an interesting update to this @ theNewsBlender story: Billy McFarland “Fyre Fest Fraudster” Gets Six Years.

Netflix has a documentary out of the now infamous FYRE Festival.

The wake of the damage Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, aka, Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, have left is still being felt. Ja Rule is still claiming he’s just another of McFarland’s victims, saying he will tell his “truth real soon… AND I HAVE RECEIPTS!!!”

Which leads to a BuzzFeed report about a local business owner who was featured in the Netflix documentary and a GoFundMe project that has “surpassed its target.”

“Maryann Rolle, a restaurant owner on the Exuma islands in the Bahamas, said she lost $50,000 of her savings following the failed festival. A GoFundMe spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the fundraiser is legitimate.”

On the GoFundMe page, which was launched to coincide with the documentary, Rolle said: “In April 2017 I pushed myself to the limit catering no less than a 1000 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all prepared and delivered by Exuma Point to Coco Plum Beach and Roker’s Point where the main events were scheduled to take place.”

She claimed that not only did the organisers eat the prepared meals, they also checked themselves into all of the rooms at Exuma Point Beach Resort.

However, Rolle said, she was never paid by Fyre Festival. Since her staff needed the money, Rolle lost more than $50,000 of her own savings.


Words to remember.

Especially when they say, “so what?”

Trouble still to plague the Interior?

A Rolling Stone report seems to have maybe picked up on a whiff of something that may continue to keep the Department of Interior’s OIG watchdog’s eye.

“The high-ranking, still-unconfirmed official running the agency’s reorganization has a glaring conflict of interest.”

WASHINGTON — One year ago, seated between an American flag and a flickering fire, Ryan Zinke, the secretary of the Interior Department, announced the largest overhaul in the agency’s 168-year history. Zinke, who arrived for his first day of work riding a horse, said his plan would “transform” the Interior Department by reorganizing its many bureaus and potentially moving tens of thousands of Interior’s 70,000-person workforce to different locations around the country. Under his plan, Zinke vowed, working at Interior would be “the best job in the government.”

Yet other comments he’d made suggested a more Trumpian intent. Within months of his confirmation, he had told Congress that he wanted to slash Interior’s workforce by 4,000 people — 8 percent of full-time employees — through attrition, reassignments and buyouts. A few months later, he told a roomful of oil and gas industry executives that one-third of Interior’s staff was “not loyal to the flag” and pledged “huge” changes to how the agency functions.

Rolling Stone

Exit Ryan Zinke covered in a pile of investigations, one referred to the DOJ for further investigation, enter Susan Combs.

This may turn out to be one to watch.

On A Side Note (Opinion)

PSA’s for road trips.

1 – Do Not Text and Drive.

2 – Watch out for stampedes.

Stay tuned.

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