Oops He Did It Again

Rudy Giuliani Wizard of Oz parody by Lenny Ghoul.

As you are probably already aware, on Wednesday, the President’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani gave a stunning interview with CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time host, Chris Cuomo.

During the mostly combative interview Giuliani said several things, that seem to contradict past statements, and unearthed previously denied claims, such nobody including the President himself said there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Rudy: I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign…I have not…I said the President of the United States…

On July 30th, 2018, was asked by Fox News show Outnumbered guest host Guy Benson “regardless if collusion is a crime, is it still the position of you, and your client [President Trump] that there was no collusion with the Russian’s and the Trump campaign?” To which Giuliani replies, “Correct.”

Cuomo continues to press Giuliani saying that even President Trump himself had said nobody colluded with Russia. To which Rudy try’s to say he didn’t say “nobody.”

Giuliani [from the Cuomo tweet]: The President did not say….he didn’t say nobody…he said he didn’t [collude with Russia] he didn’t say nobody…

Cuomo explains to Giuliani that the President did in fact say “nobody from his campaign.” to which Giuliani replies, “as far as he knows nobody did, that’s true.”

17 times that President Trump and his team denied any collusion.

President Trump according to Trump Twitter Archive has denied his campaign colluded with Russia forty times, the most recent statement via tweet came December 10th, 2018, when President Trump introduced the word “Smocking gun” into the lexicon of Twitter and Non-Twitter users alike.

He is referring to his onetime lawyer Michael Cohen in the two tweets from December.

Giuliani goes on to explain that if there was collusion between the campaign and Russia it happened a long time ago and it can’t be proven.

There was more from the interview worth noting, below is the full interview at the 12 minute mark of the video, Giuliani while speaking to the revelation that Paul Manafort shared internal polling data with a Russian Nationalist, whom the U.S. government believes is a Russian spy. Giuliani explains that the President nor he had knowledge of what Manafort did, until they read it in an article that was based on “leaks.”

That is incorrect information the articles written about Manafort were based on court documents that were poorly redacted by his attorney.

As a reminder this is not the first time Giuliani has stepped in it during an interview, as the News Blender reported Giuliani told Fox News show host Sean Hannity that President Trump did pay Cohen back the money Cohen paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels. Cohen later pleaded guilty to campaign finance regarding the same payment.

In the same interview the former Mayor of New York, and Prosecutor, dismisses that Manafort who pleaded guilty to witness tampering, did anything serious, saying it was “a white collar” crime, and that he didn’t threaten he was going to “kill anyone.”

Giuliani attempted to clarify his position this morning via statement that was posted to Twitter.

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