TNB Night Owl – It’s Time to take down the Christmas Tree

Some people leave their Christmas decorations up traditionally until Epiphany, which happens to be today. So, it might be a good idea to go ahead and take them down if you haven’t already.

For the record it is #NationalTakeDownTheChristmasTreeDay

A Christmas Tree that’s been up for more than a week or two can dry out pretty fast and become a serious safety hazard.

As you can see in the above video in just seconds your tree can go from a holiday delight to a blazing inferno burning totally out of control.

But that’s not the only safety hazard during the holidays. Extreme rubber-necking whilst driving by monstrous Christmas light displays can cause motorists to suffer server neck sprains, spilled coffee leg burns, and the occasional fender bender. Overexposure may cause temporary blindness and sterility.

If you must decorate your house please do so responsibly. Here are a few tips.

1. Avoid excessive hoarding. Hoarding is a serious issue. Don’t be this guy.

Hordnign Christmas Decorations. Image Capture from Reddit by TNB.

2. While Christmas is a time for sharing, it isn’t a rave. The neighbors probably don’t want a nightclub next door, so maybe tone it down a little bit?

3. They probably didn’t expect to live next to Disneyland either. So again, calm down Clark Griswold.

4. If you require a seperate a power generator to run your Christmas decorations, you might be taking it too far.

5. Avoid cactus. While it may seem like a nifty idea to throw Christmas lights all over your cactus, you will soon learn to regret it when it comes to figuring out how to actually take them down. (Never decorate a Cholla cactus! They actually detach their pods and throw spines at you.)

Christmas Display, Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden, Henderson, Nevada. Photo by Ken Lund.

Questions of the night. Do you extreme decorate for the Holidays? When do you usually put up and take down your decorations?

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