Trump Tweets: The Totally Bonkers Edition

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On Wednesday after President Trump tweeted that his meeting with “Chuck and Nancy,” was “a total waste of time,” President Trump issued two more tweets, this time attacking the media.

5. 10:43 p.m.: NBC and MSNBC are going Crazy….May even be worse than Fake News CNN, if that is possible!…

6. 10:53 p.m.: Who would believe how bad it has gotten with the mainstream media, which has gone totally bonkers!…

It is unclear in his first tweet what exactly NBC/MSNBC News reported that raised President Trump’s ire, however, one possibility, is a NBC News report that states “Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through.”

According to the linked article the photo used in the tweet is a photo the news organization obtained in an “exclusive,” of one of the eight prototypes that the Trump administration directed to be constructed using concrete and steel. The image above is one of the steel prototypes.

The article goes on to say, the photo of steel being sawed, was not made available in a redacted CBP report for the testing of the prototypes.

In his second tweet it appears that President Trump is angry at The New York Times for a quote they credited President Trump with saying during the off the record luncheon with the media.

The New York Times article was written by Peter Baker, in the article he writes, “Yet privately, Mr. Trump dismissed his own new strategy as pointless. In an off-the-record lunch with television anchors hours before the address, he made clear in blunt terms that he was not inclined to give the speech or go to Texas, but was talked into it by advisers, according to two people briefed on the discussion who asked not to be identified sharing details.”

According to Baker, he was told that President Trump said of his Southern Border visit, that “It’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it,” Baker added this was said according to one person present during the luncheon.

Baker defended his paper and his reporting when he was questioned about his use of a quote from an “off the record” meeting via Twitter, Baker explains, they broke no such agreement as they were not invited to the luncheon.

Opinion: In his tweet President Trump is confirming the quote used by journalist Peter Baker.

On Thursday prior to his trip to the Southern Border, where, the Washington Post reports, he is expected to be interviewed by FOX News show host Sean Hannity, President Trump tweeted five times (so far).

1. Cryin Chuck told his favorite lie when he used his standard sound bite that I “slammed the table & walked out of the room…. I politely said bye-bye and left, no slamming!

[halodoc here, taking over for Tiff as she does adulting things. Omg, I do not have her superduper, magic force field to protect me from the amount brain cells this man drains. Everyone, pray for me.]

2 – 4. Getting ready to leave for the Great State of Texas! #MAGA

While waiting to leave for Texas, Trump appears to have kept himself entertained for the next nine minutes watching cartoons listening to “@foxandfriends” tell him “Great support for Border Security and the Wall“ and “Presidents supporters do not want him to cave” telling them and Twitterverse, “@SteveDoocy I wont!”

Q & A with reporters on his way to board Marine One was particularly more bonkers than usual. However, as usual, Aaron Rupar throws us a lifeline and breaks that down for us in this Twitter feed.

Here are a few examples.

^^^Though it is not like he is not captured on video a gazillion times saying Mexico will pay, for what it’s worth, here we see a screen shoot from his campaign website captured in August 2016 citing section 326 of the Patriot Act detailing very specifically just how Mexico will pay for The Wall (TM).

“That section authorized the executive branch to issue detailed regulations on the subject, found 31 CFR 130.120-121. It’s an easy decision for Mexico: make a one-time payment of $5-10 billion to ensure that $24 billion continues to flow into their country year after year.”

Here, in this two-fer, Trump is once more putting his best foot forward in his usual nasty form.

Managing to get in this dig…

And rounding it out when asked how much longer will the shutdown last with, “We have to get a win or I’ll have to go national security… we could compromise, or I will declare a national emergency.”

For what it is worth, “Trump “didn’t know anything” about his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, sharing polling data with a person connected to Russian intelligence.”

5. Three hours later, apparently having now landed in Texas, we can add Air Force One is a time machine plane to our Hurricane & Earthquake machine file, as President Trump gives a Twitter shout out to former President Obama, thanking him for his “great support,” adding this helpful video proof … from (possibly?) 2015.

6. Trump is not, I repeat not, on his way to his “very important trip to Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum” that he was never scheduled to go to because “of the Democrats intransigence on Border Security and the great importance of Safety for our Nation.”

Because, you know, he <3 us, y’all. 😆

There is always a tweet…The buck now “stops with everyone.”

See? Told ya he <3’s us!

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