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Pancake Rabbit. Photo by Wobbit.

Full disclosure: the front page for the Bunny Museum website proclaims that it has, to date, 35,721 bunny objects. This is going to soon increase to at least 35.722 because they bought a book from me today. It is a mystery which features prominently on its front cover a stuffed bunny. They are good at their jobs at the Bunny Museum.

It’s located in Altadena, California and is dedicated to all things bunny. Stuffed bunnies, cartoon rabbits, lagomorph figurines, lop-eared art… they’ve got rabbits. Children are not the target audience; rather, it’s designed as a showcase of rabbits and rabbit merchandise in culture and media throughout the years.

They also have some real bunnies for people to meet, although it’s not a petting zoo. They’re only present to say hello… and hopefully they’re not disturbed by how many of their images are around.

In an era when the White House Pet Museum is appointment-only and the Cockroach Museum is closed, it’s good to see a dedicated animal museum thriving.

It has its dark side, though. For those who wish to see it, the Bunny Museum features the Museum of Hop Horror, wherein people who are 13 and over are able to learn about the production of “lucky” rabbit’s feet, the history of animal testing and early use of rabbits in horror film (back before the “no animals were harmed during the making of this picture” statement became ubiquitous.)

If you can’t make it to the Los Angeles area, however… it’s understood that most museums are visual and have to be seen to be appreciated. Here’s a video to aid in that regard… and hopefully to put a smile on your face about a couple who seem to be quite happily (not hoppily) in love.

Question of the night: what’s your favorite gift that you’ve given?

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