TNB Night Owl–New Smurf Record

Smurf cosplay at SDCC, Photo by William Tung

On February 16, the small German town of Lauchringen hopes to have set a new world record for the most people dressed as Smurfs in one place. The previous record of 2,510 was set in 2009  in Wales (most being students at Swansea University).

The Smurfs of Lauchringen are claiming their totals at 2,762. Tentatively, the Records Institute of Germany has approved the number, but they are still waiting on confirmation from Guinness World Records.

The town had tried before in 2016, but fell short at 2,149 attendants. Organizers are crediting the amount of small children brought by families for the increase in numbers.

In order to qualify, participants must have all exposed skin covered with blue, and must be in outfits recognizable as Smurf attire.

To put it in perspective, the town of Lauchringen has approximately 7,600 residents. This means that over a third of the inhabitants were convened at the Smurf gathering.

The event served as a fundraiser for local schools and charities, as well as a mark of community pride.

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