TNB Night Owl – Adventures of Trawling the Deep Blue Seas

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In case you missed it, back in November we met fisherman Roman Fedortsov:

In 2016 Gizmodo (This Deep Sea Fisherman Posts His Discoveries on Twitter and OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE) introduced their discovery of Roman Fedortsov when the Moscow Times ran a story about the deep-sea fisherman in Russia who posts his discoveries to Twitter and Instagram.

“The fisherman is reportedly based in Murmansk, which is a real place in Russia, and not another planet where Hell has opened up and set demons free to roam the land and the seas.”

To say Fedorstsov pulls monsters from the deep would be an understatement, so they decided to check back in and check out what new creatures he may have posted.

So, with that set up, meet Roman Fedortsov, the Russian deep-sea fisherman and his wonderful and horrifying creatures of the deep blue sea.


For example, this:

I checked back in with Fedortsov’s Twitter feed and though he had nothing quite as disturbing as ‘Hello from Hell’ this time, The Wonderful and Horrifying Creatures in the Deep Blue Sea continues with three new editions.

[Google translation: “It’s amphipod. For the first time representatives of this species were found in 2004. Crustaceans look like shrimp, lives at a depth of 300 m. This one we caught in Arctic ocean.”]

[Google translate: Themisto libellula is a marine amphipod of the family Hyperiidae They are found in large quantities in Arctic water

[Google translate: Facehugger. A Cake]

Fedortsov has an interesting sense of humor.

Not to be outdone…

“All types of facehugger xenomorph species are explored in this video…”


Question for the night: What are some of the best and worst horror flicks you have seen?

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