Trump Tweets: Never Said Anything Bad

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It’s Tuesday.

President Trump finished his President’s Day on Twitter by tweeting 9 times, and re-tweeting 2 times.

4 tweets focused on his speech delivered to the Venezuelan American Community from Miami, Florida.

7. Socialism is DYING…

8. The people of Venezuela are standing for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY…


10. They are turning the page on Socialism and Dictatorship; and there will be NO GOING BACK!

Highlights via the White House.

Trump: Thank you also to Secretary of Commerce.  Wilbur Ross is with us, and Ambassador Lighthizer.  Ambassador Lighthizer, I have to say, just got back from a place called China.  And, boy, oh, boy — we’re making a lot of progress.  Nobody expected this was going to be happening.  (Applause.)  We’re making a lot of progress.  (Applause.) In the meantime, billions and billions of dollars are coming into our Treasury.  It’s very simple.  All works.  That never happened before.  We don’t know the feeling in this country, but now we know the feeling.

Trump: The twilight hour of socialism has arrived in our hemisphere — (applause) — and, frankly, in many, many places around the world.  The days of socialism and communism are numbered not only in Venezuela, but in Nicaragua and in Cuba as well.  (Applause.)

Trump: Incredibly, there are members of the Venezuelan military still barely supporting this failed dictatorship.  They are risking their future, they are risking their lives and Venezuela’s future, for a man controlled by the Cuban military and protected by a private army of Cuban soldiers.  (Applause.)  Maduro is not a Venezuelan patriot; he is a Cuban puppet.  That’s what he is.  (Applause.) And remember that hundreds of millions of dollars used to be paid to Cuba — but no longer, because they no longer have that kind of wealth to be able to do it.  So things are changing, and they’re changing fast.  (Applause.)

Trump: So today, I ask every member of the Maduro regime: End this nightmare of poverty, hunger, and death for your people.  Let your people go.  Set your country free.  Now is the time for all Venezuelan patriots to act together as one united people.  (Applause.)  Nothing could be better for the future of Venezuela.  And nothing could be better for the future of another captive nation — Cuba — than the rebirth of freedom and democracy in Venezuela.  (Applause.)

In the next set of tweets, 2 focused on former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, 1 was a random video, in 2 the President thanked JT, the brother of a Sandy Hook shooting victim and Andrew who lost his daughter in the Parkland school shooting.

11. Treason!

12. Amazing!

12. Thank you JT!

13. Thank you Andrew – We all miss beautiful Meadow!

14. Leakin’ James Comey!

On Tuesday President Trump has tweeted 5, 7 times, two of the tweets were deleted and then re-issued.

1. And got caught!

2. Had the opposition party (no, not the Media) won the election…

3. California, the state that has wasted billions of dollars on their out of control Fast Train, with no hope of completion, seems in charge!

4. The failed Fast Train project in California

5. and for your all time favorite President, it is a Fake Fact Checker!

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe spoke with Today’s Savannah Guthrie on Tuesday morning.


Gang of Eight: Congressional Leadership such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI). This also includes their Democrat counterparts such as Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY).

According to McCabe he informed the “Gang of Eight” the FBI was opening a counterintelligence investigation into the President, to which he says, “nobody objected.”


The President of the United States declared a national emergency on Friday, his first mention of this so-called emergency was to criticize states for suing even though he fully expected to be sued, while at the same time telling the Nation, he “didn’t have to do this,” it was only so “it would be done faster.”

In the same span of tweets the President of the United States who on Sunday asked how come the comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live never faces “retribution,” for mocking him as they have done since President Ford, explained McCabe’s potty habits, while mocking the former Director of the FBI…

For What it’s Worth: MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin tweeted on Tuesday that the Washington Post has updated President Trump’s false or misleading claims tracker.

6. I never called his wife a loser to him (another McCabe made up lie)!

On Sunday During McCabe’s 60 Minutes interview he told interviewer Scott Pelley, that during a phone call shortly after President Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, that the President called his wife, Jill McCabe, who lost a state office in Virginia race in 2015, a “loser” quote via CBS News:

Andrew McCabe:  “What was it like when your wife lost her race for state senate? It must have been really tough to lose.” And I said, “Well, it’s tough to lose anything. But my wife has refocused her efforts on her career. And he then said, “Ask her what it was like to lose. It must be tough to be a loser.”

7. Highlight reel from his speech in Florida on Monday.

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