Avenatti Charged With Trying to Extort Nike

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The onetime former lawyer for porn actress Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford, Michael Avenatti, has been arrested The Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

According to the article the details of his arrested on charges of wire fraud and bank fraud, will be forth coming in a press conference schedule for 2 p.m. eastern 11 a.m. pacific.

CNN reports that according to the complaint, the Southern District of New York, has charged Avenatti for “attempting to extort more than $20 million dollars from Nike.

The complaint quotes Avenatti as saying, “I’m not fucking around with this, and I’m not continuing to play games,” they allege he was threatening to expose damaging information to Nike.

An hour ago Avenatti posted this tweet.

So far I’ve been unable to find a live feed. The post will be updated when one is made available.

This is a developing story.

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