Debunking “The 14 Words”

This week witnessed another mass attack by someone who had sworn to “the 14 words”. What are those words?

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

The phrase was coined by co-founder of the white nationalist group The Order, David Lane while in prison for multiple bank robberies and the murder of talk show host Alan Berg. The phrase has since become a hallmark of white supremacist and white nationalist groups around the world.

While it is usually associated with political ideologies, the phrase and the sentiment behind it are very specific and deal only with race. Believers may be communist or free-marketeers, environmentalists or enviro-skeptics, religious or atheist. The only common trait is a belief that it is their duty to promote a white race.

The key flaw to this thinking is the assumption that a “white race” is under attack. It is not.

There are, absolutely, individuals and groups which have dedicated themselves to killing white people. They are rare, but they exist. They do not exist in numbers sufficient to endanger “the white race”, but on an individual basis it is wise to steer clear of and, for those who have acted upon their wishes, to imprison them.

The closest one comes to a war against white people by a large group is the generalized attacks on “The West” which come from Islamist groups. They, however, do not particularly care about race. Theirs is a religious and political ideology of domination. If a white person is Islamist, that’s fine. Often, in fact, it’s preferred, because whites are less conspicuous than Middle Easterners in some of the areas where they want to attack.

There is also no effort by South and Central Americans to “breed out” the white people in North America. Rather, what is seen is a tendency for poor Hispanics to have more children in the same fashion that poor people of any ethnicity tend to have more children than their wealthier neighbors, for a variety of socioeconomic reasons. And, as Hispanics (or Asians) grow wealthier, they tend to have fewer children…. in the same way that the Irish and blacks and Italians did before them.

When a black person and a white person date, that doesn’t mean that the black person is trying to dilute the white race or that the white person is “stealing” a “good black person”. It simply means that two people have found pleasure in each other’s company, and if they were raised well and took heed, they stand an excellent chance of having wonderful children of their own. The same holds for any “mixed race” couple. That’s simple decency, and what a population should be aspiring toward.

There is no secret cabal of Jewish puppetmasters attempting to destroy the Aryans. The Islamist threat isn’t racial, it’s religious. Blacks and Hispanics and Native Americans and Asians are people just like any others… some great, some awful, and to be judged on their personal merits. The “14 words” are an oath to defend against a nonexistent enemy, and a cheap excuse for violence and irrational hatred.

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