Maduro Fires Cabinet And Imprisons Journalists

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Photo by Hugoshi.

Nicolas Maduro has asked for the resignation of his entire Presidential cabinet to allow a restructuring of his government. This was announced to the public by a tweet from his current Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez.

The Pdte @NicolasMaduro has requested the Entire Executive cabinet to put its charges to the order for the purpose of a thorough restructuring of the methods and functioning of the Bolivarian government to shield The Homeland Of Bolivar And Chávez against any threat!

This does not mean that all of his cabinet members are going to leave, but it will allow him to reorganize with an eye toward rewarding those he feels most loyal at this time of national crisis. He has restructured before, often asking for the resignations of his Vice Presidents, but the wholesale nature of this action is unusual. It will allow him to exert complete authority while maintaining a nod to the convention of an elected government, however.

In related news, the Colegio Nacional de Periodistas (National Journalists Association) of Venezuela has been hosting a pressure campaign against Maduro’s recent imprisonment of journalists who, they say, were committing no crime save reporting the situation in the country.

Others whose freedom has been demanded include Cody Weddle and Billy Six; pictures of their abuse during imprisonment, when they become available, have been posted as well.

Agencia EFE, the largest Spanish-language free press association (akin to AP or AFP) has recently been reporting on the press situation in Venezuela in the hopes of pressuring the Maduro government.

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