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Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization executive, discusses her reactions to Michael Cohen’s testimony and shares what it was like working for Donald Trump.

Published: 1 March 2019

In June 2016, Frontline did an interview with Barbara Res.

In the below interview, Res discusses her time as a Trump executive, his management style, and what it was like as a woman to work for him. Today, Res says she is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

“How did Jared Kushner become the president’s right hand man? Short answer: a lot of money.”

With Kushner and Trump making headline news for possible violation of nepotism laws, even going so far as having their DoD lackey Carl Kline retaliate against whistleblower White House security office’s Tricia Newbold after it was outed “Kline approved Jared Kushner for top secret clearance over the objections of career staff,” we get into the Way Back machine to re-up two ICYMI articles.

Byron York: The sordid case behind Jared Kushner’s grudge against Chris Christie; April 16, 2017.

By all accounts, Jared Kushner, the husband of President Trump’s favorite daughter, has become an extraordinarily powerful man in the White House. To formally appoint Kushner a senior adviser, with a top security clearance, the president sought and received a Justice Department opinion declaring the White House exempt from federal anti-nepotism laws. That meant Kushner could have an official White House title to go along with his trusted-member-of-the-family influence.

The Legacy
Guilty of a shocking crime against his own brother-in-law, real-estate mogul Charles Kushner has been cast out of power. So his son Jared, the 28-year-old Observer owner, has to carry the ambition for the both of them;; July 12, 2009.

Charles Kushner—everyone calls him Charlie—is, by any measure, a remarkable man. The child of Holocaust survivors, he has an engulfing charm and a palpable hunger for attention, and pushed himself to become a gifted businessman and Jersey kingmaker. “He loved being the Don Corleone of the community,” says a family friend. “He loved that when he walks into a synagogue the rabbis run over to him. Charlie saw himself as the Jewish Kennedy.” But beneath the charm there is a coiled aggressiveness. “Charlie’s good points are incredibly good,” a former employee says, “but if you cross him he becomes maniacal. He will crush you.”

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