Robert Mueller Grand Jury Still Working Prosecutor Says

Special Counsel Robert Mueller 2012. Photo By The White House

On Wednesday Politico reported that Assistant U.S. Attorney David Goodhand, told U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell, that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury was continuing.

According to the article the comment from Goodhand came as Judge Howell pressed the attorney to answer as to whether or not the grand jury impaneled by Mueller was still working he responded in what Politico calls “a brief open hearing” that not only is the grand jury still working but that it’s, “continuing. It’s continuing robustly.”

The hearing held on Wednesday was to determine if the mysterious company that’s been fighting Mueller’s subpoena can be publicly identified.

As The Washington Post noted on Monday, the Supreme Court said, “it would not review a lower-court order requiring an unnamed foreign-owned corporation to comply with a subpoena that is part of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

For What It’s Worth

CNN reported in early January that the Mueller federal grand jury was “extended so it may continue to meet and vote on criminal indictments for up to six more months.”

Bloomberg Law and CNBC are also reporting the prosecutors comments.

Why It Might Matter

While questions still loom over Barr and his summary, information like this is likely to lead to some speculation that Mueller was not entirely complete with his investigation, but was pressured to end the probe by Barr.

IMO what this does is make it even more pressuring that a Mueller report and not another summary of what others read needs made public, it’s only then that some if not most of our questions will be answered.

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