TNB Night Owl PSA: Say, Cheese Face!

We here at TheNewsBlender think it is important to offer readers Public Service Announcements, even consider it one of our civic duties! And all implications that it is because we laugh out loud, to that we say, Poppycock!

Okay, we don’t really say poppycock (and if we do we should be smacked for it), but we do sometimes wonder, Why? Why do some of these things need to be said? Why is it important to inform readers not to smuggle leeches, don’t steal monkeys, don’t lick faces (just don’t) and whatever you do, DO NOT eat Grandpa?

Even while we can celebrate the drunken antics of birds, some may consider throwing a slice of cheese at your baby’s face to watch it stick a bit of a problem, even if it is lmao funny. 😆

But we humans are a strange lot who are always looking for ways to entertain ourselves, and that is where we enter into the realm of the Interwebz and their ‘Challenges’ and this week’s PSA, in this case, the #cheesechallenge whereby people throw slices of cheese on their baby’s, or dog‘s or cat‘s, face while recording it and posting it on social media platforms for their own amusement and our other’s entertainment.

According to the Washington Post, “depending on whom you ask, it’s either extremely hilarious or proof that the Internet should never have been invented.”

You, reader, decide, funny or abusive?

Can’t stop laughing.

Logan, the Cheese Ninja.

This little one does not seem to be too amused.

Whereas, these little cuties think it’s a hoot.

Just hearing the giggles makes me lol.

Or, Uh oh, CPS may be watching…

Know why this is funny? Because ‘Lynn’s’ header picture says, “Don’t worry, it’s okay to be weird.” Lol.

And this one from Simon? It’s okay, he’s a Brit, everyone knows they have no sense of humor. 😀

Some babies are too smart to fall for their human’s antics.

Of course, aim may need to be practiced first.

Question for the night: What is the verdict? To cheese or not to cheese?

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