Trump Tweeted North Korea, meant Iran, Probably.

Donald Trump Golfing. Photo by Steve Jurvetson.

President Trump via Twitter about an hour ago, announced that the recently announced new sanctions imposed by the U.S. Treasury would be lifted.

Chaos has now ensued in light of the tweet.

Here is what is know so far.

On Thursday the U.S. Treasury Department via Tweeted announced that they had designated two “shipping companies,” that they say “attempted,” to evade U.S. Sanctions against North Korea.

Bloomberg reported that based on the Treasuries announcement, that it appears, “Its ports received at least 263 tanker deliveries of refined petroleum through ship-to-ship transfers, according to an update from the State Department, Coast Guard and Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. If the tankers were fully laden at the time, North Korea would have imported 3.78 million barrels of fuel.”

Also Thursday National Security Adviser John Bolton tweeted regarding the U.S. Treasury announcement.

As CNN explains what the U.S. Treasury did was impose sanctions on the two Chinese shipping companies, “that have allegedly helped North Korea skirt sanctions imposed by the United Nations.”

The article notes that on Friday pressed to explain the tweet that caused confusion even among his own “aides and administration officials,” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “President Trump likes Chairman Kim and he doesn’t think these sanctions will be necessary.”

Friday as CNN reported the U.S. announced a new round of sanctions against Iran.

CNN explains, “14 individuals and 17 entities linked to SPND, Iran’s organization for defense, innovation and research,” are to be sanctioned by the U.S..

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered a statement on the sanctions via Twitter.

Even now this is still a developing story and might need updated. 

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