Trump Tweets: The Thank God It’s Friday Edition

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It’s Friday.

For those keeping count @DevinCow @10:45 a.m. eastern time has 616,000 followers.

For What It’s Worth: The New York Times on Wednesday reported that Monday, before Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) named the parody account in a defamation lawsuit, the Cow had 1,200 followers.

But wait there is more according to the Times report, “A website now sells Devin Cow T-shirts. Twitter users have been celebrating with cow-themed items and jokes. Even Mr. Nunes’s fellow legislators showed their support for the errant beast. Ted Lieu, a Democratic congressman from Southern California, told Mr. Nunes on Twitter to “lighten up, dude.”

The article notes, that the lawsuit filed by a sitting Congressman, will most likely not succeed in court, “given longstanding free-speech protections for parody and opinion. Others have tried suing over fake social media accounts.”

They also point out that in 2017 a President Trump supporter named Tiffany Dehen, sued Twitter for $100 million over a parody account, according to the Times, the case was dismissed last year.

Mooving on.

Also happening around Twitter, is Mueller Watch, apparently his report is coming, and users seem divided on whether or not there will be more indictments.

The Mueller watch started on Thursday as Crime and Justice reporter Shimon Prokupecz notes on Twitter.

He also noted @ 8:00 a.m. eastern time that the CNN Stakeout team had not at that point spotted Mueller arriving to his office.

MSNBC Producer Kyle Griffin weighed in via tweet on Thursday.

Author of Everything Trump Touches Dies, Rick Wilson reminded us on Friday…

As it’s Friday the President has departed Washington, D.C., to head to his Mar-a-Lago resort prior to departing he spoke with reporters telling them in part that he asks Congress to “get infrastructure done,” adding that the Democrats on the House Committees oversight investigations into President Trump, his administration, and business dealings, is just another continuation of the same “witch hunt,” stating that “they know it, laugh about it behind closed doors.”

Before he departed for Florida President Trump tweeted so far 5 times.


CNBC News reporter John Harwood explains via tweet that according to the Government Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2018’s GDP growth was 2.9 percent.

2. 7 Minute Clip from His interview with Fox Business show host Maria Bartiromo

In the seven minute clip they talk trade, tariffs, and the EU (European Union), social media, and President Trump once again called out the Federal Reserve.

The Washington Post explains that according to President Trump “the economy would have grown much faster last year if the Federal Reserve had not been tightening credit last year.”

3. Thank you Pete Hegseth @Fox and Friends…

I could not find video to support the quote.

4. Video Clip from the same interview Fox Business.

In this clip the President Trump is asked about the timing of his announcement that the U.S. will recognize “Israel’s Sovereignty over Golan Heights. President Trump made the announcement via tweet.

He says it’s time, and has nothing to do with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election.

He shifts focus from Golan Heights to the moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

5. Interview with Fox Business Lou Dobbs and Larry Kudlow just a clip.

In the clip Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s economic adviser, starts off by saying the NeverTrumper’s on the right are having a rough couple of years, they move on to the China trade deal.

Kudlow twice exclaims President Trump is “rebuilding America.”

For What It’s Worth part 2: The President did not tweet a clip from his interview where he is asked about his renewed attacks on John McCain, the deceased Republican Senator from Arizona.

In the clip President Trump calls McCain “horrible,” and try’s to blame the media for bringing it up stating, “I don’t bring it up.”

In fairness, Maria Bartiromo does push back a little, saying, “you brought it up this week,” to which he says, “no I didn’t.”

As a reminder on Saturday President Trump without prompting from a media question, but rather a media report that suggests a “main guy” for McCain, is who released the now infamous dossier to the press, attacked McCain via Tweet.

Which in turn prompted the media to ask President Trump about his attacking a dead man.

6. and 7. ISIS and the Internet

Opinion: Now do White Nationalists.

I don’t disagree with the tweets themselves, I disagree with the double standard.

8. Appointment Announcement via Tweet.

His Twitter Bio.

Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News reported via Twitter.

According to White House reporter for the Washington Times  Post Josh Dawsey, President Trump announced the appointment on the tarmac.

9. I have today ordered the withdrawal of those additional Sanctions!

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