W Joins Hole-In-One Club

Canary. Photo by 4028mdk09.

Golfweek reported that former President George W. Bush posted on Wednesday to Instagram he made his first hole-in-one at the Trinity Forest Golf Course located in Dallas, Texas during the Bush Institute Warrior Open.

The picture shows W on the green of the par-3, #12 hole. He scored the ace playing from the white tees listed as 164 yards.

“With coaching from @thebushcenter CEO Ken Hersh and board members Mike Meece and Bill Hickey, I scored my first hole-in-one at the home of our Warrior Open and the @attbyronnelson. Next golf goal: live to 100 so I can shoot my age.”

More about the annual Warrior Open, “a highly competitive golf tournament that underscores the importance of sports as a rehabilitation component for our men and women injured on the front lines.”

The Bush Institute Warrior Open at the AT&T Byron Nelson, presented by AT&T, highlights the resilience and continued leadership of our wounded warriors and their families.

The Bush Institute’s Warrior Open began in 2011 for United States military personnel seriously wounded or injured since September 11, 2001. Since 2011, more than 150 warriors have participated in the Military Service Initiative’s Team 43 Sports, which include the Warrior Open and the W100K bike ride.

The events amplify and draw attention to the service, sacrifice, and resilience of post-9/11 warriors and their families, particularly the issues they face in making a successful transition to civilian life.

Highlights from 2018 Warrior Open

Compare and Contrast.

On Thursday, Politico posted an excerpt from the recently released book Commander-in-Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, authored by sportswriter Rick Reilly.

The following speaks about “A.J.” who doesn’t want his real name used, someone who Reilly calls one of Trump’s “two most loyal employees” who “aren’t politicians or fixers or publicity flakes,” but caddies.

He has a regular outdoor caddy—a 60-something ex-Marine named A.J.—who loops for him faithfully at Trump National Golf Club Washington in Northern Virginia.

And then he has a kind of indoor caddy—Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media director, and one of the very few staffers who’s remained in Trump’s orbit from the start of the campaign—who actually met Trump caddying for him when he was a teenager.

In a way, A.J. and Scavino are the same guy. They’re both mostly unknown, yet they know all the president’s secrets. Both do the same job, and it’s a fairly simple one: They give their man the right club to take shots with. These two work for a human flamethrower and yet somehow haven’t been torched. Cabinet members, attorneys general, chiefs of staff come and go like the Wendy’s drive-thru and yet they stay employed.

What do A.J. and Scavino know about keeping the most powerful man in the world happy that others don’t?

A.J. sticks with Trump no matter how much it costs him. “I used to caddy for a lot of the ladies here, sir,” he says, meaning the female members of the club. “But once Mr. Trump won the election, that all ended. Now I hardly do it at all, sir. I guess they don’t like him. I’m the president’s caddy and they’re not gonna ask for me, sir. So that’s it.”

One time, after a bad drive, Trump slammed his driver back in his bag, as guys will do, and wasn’t really watching what he was doing, and the driver ricocheted back and hit Trump in the head. “A.J.?” Trump asked, pissed. “Did you just hit me in the head with my own driver?”

“Sir, Mr. Trump, why would I do that?” A.J. said. “You’re my president!”

There are more than a few members at Trump Washington who’d love to hit Trump in the head. A valet told me, “We had a bunch of them quit when he won.” Most of the anti-Trump crowd stayed, but they resist in their own small ways.

Every time one member sees A.J., he says, “Is this the day, A.J.? Is this the day?”

“Is this the day for what, sir?”

“Is this the day you take him out for me?”

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