Debunking The Notre Dame Fire

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire on Monday drew the attention of the world. The iconic building which had survived wars and an anti-Church revolution was burning, and there were fears for the irreplaceable artworks inside as well as the structure itself.

As we have since learned, the devastation of the fire could have been much, much worse. Most of the artworks and relics were saved, no lives were lost, and the fire was contained rather than spreading to nearby structures.

As would be expected, an investigation was immediately started. Because video cameras were quickly deployed and followed the blaze from all angles, it has been easy for experienced fire investigators to locate where the fire originated.

At this point, they have determined with certainty that the fire originated on the roof. They are trying to further isolate the trigger, and have two dominant theories, per CNN:

The police source also told CNN that investigators are focusing on two potential problems relating to the outbreak of the fire. One issue under investigation is a possible problem with the fire alarm system sensors.

Investigators’ second line of inquiry, the source said, relates to the elevators that were built for the construction workers.

This is what reasonable, responsible people do. What unreasonable people do is approach a fact (the blaze started) with their chosen narrative and try to conflate the two, without any evidence.

The most widespread of these narratives is that Islamic terrorists were responsible. It was even promoted by political pundit Glenn Beck:

Note, I believe Hardy is wrong in his summary. I don’t believe that Beck was trying to start anything; that theory was already flying, and Beck was tapping into that mentality. He was not alone. They structured their statements with denials and then presented the theory couched in negatives. “I’m not saying they were the cause”… “But if they were, it will be covered up and you’ll never hear about it.”

If someone is truly not saying that something is the cause… they simply don’t bring it up in the first place. Introducing it into the discussion is giving the argument a level of credibility it did not previously have.

To follow that with a statement indicating that a lack of evidence is, in itself, evidence gives further credibility to a baseless accusation.

Let’s try some examples.

I’m not saying that ants can speak twenty languages and secretly control the world… but if they do, they’re smart enough to hide those facts from everybody.

I’m not saying that Lyndon LaRouche faked his death because he’s secretly the immortal Count of Saint Germain… but if he is still alive he’s already had centuries of experience at hiding and changing his identity.

Anything, no matter how stupid, can be framed as a “rational” conspiracy theory in this way, which is why evidence is important.

I’m not going to condemn anyone for speculating about reasons why the fire started… before any evidence was available. The Yellow Vest movement has been attacking not only stores but iconic structures like the Arc de Triomphe. There are anti-Catholic demonstrators who are furious that a church still exists following the sex abuse scandals. We have seen monstrous attacks by Islamists in Paris. Speculation is natural, and a sign of an open mind. As evidence came in – and it was quickly available for most people – it was every person’s duty to examine that evidence and consider it fairly.

We learned that there was construction in progress… and construction, with its temporary wiring and use of heated and electrified equipment, is a common source of building fires. We learned that the fire was concentrated on the roof at the construction site. We learned that no people were harmed. With every piece of information that was received, it strengthened the notion that this was exactly what it appeared to be.

Beck made his statement only after information had come in demonstrating it was likely untrue. He is being singled out only because there’s video of him; every other possibility I mentioned… Yellow Vest, anti-Catholics, Islamists… were not only presented after the police had determined the fire was likely accidental, but continue to be presented today.

I’m sure it’s all been orchestrated by the ants.

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