Joyful Easter!

Sunrise over Little Gasparilla Island, Florida. Photo by Mmacbeth.

“and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures”

That verse of First Corinthians explains Easter. Jesus died, and returned from the dead; in so doing, he provided a pathway to eternal life for everyone who followed the teachings of the Lord. For this reason Easter is celebrated by Christians throughout the world. Even as Jesus’ birth is honored because it provided a savior and instructor, Jesus’ rebirth fulfilled his destiny and gave hope to mankind.

It is also celebrated by non-Christians, though not for the same reasons. For them, it is a day of family, a day of togetherness, a day where children hunt for brightly colored eggs and get to snack on treats in the morning.

Even without the inner peace that Easter provides to the Christian believer, it remains a beloved holiday for millions. People throughout the world are inclined to be charitable, amiable and generally good to one another.

That alone is a special kind of miracle.

On this Easter Sunday, we at TNB want to thank every person who is following a path valuing joy over hate, whether through the guidance of scripture or via an embrace of simple human decency.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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