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Goodyear unveiled a new concept tire that could double as a propeller and help cars fly.

The company has designed an airless tire, called the Goodyear Aero, which would double as a propeller. The Aero tires would have bladed spokes that act as a fan allowing the wheels to flip upward and help propel a car into the air.

Goodyear’s (GT) flying tire is currently just a conceptual design. Chris Helsel, Goodyear’s chief technology officer, said the design is meant to spark discussion about transportation options for the future.

Boeing Australia has announced plans to make a jet drone with artificial intelligence that can act as a “loyal wingman” for manned jet fighters.

The drone’s software will enable it to fly independently or in support of manned aircraft while maintaining safe distance between other aircraft, Boeing said in a statement on what it calls the “Airpower Teaming System.”

The 38-foot-long, single-engine drone with a range of more than 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) will be able to engage in electronic warfare as well as intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions and swap quickly between those roles, according to Boeing.

Chinese company Innfos Technology has unveiled a robot that can perform tasks with human-like dexterity such as pouring a drink, synchronized dancing and shaking hands. Watch it thread a needle.

FedEx is testing a new delivery robot. SameDay Bot can climb stairs, carry 100 pounds and has a top speed of 10 miles per hour.

The company said Wednesday it will test a six-wheeled, autonomous robot called the SameDay Bot in Memphis, Tenn. this summer and plans to expand to more cities.

It’s partnering with major brands, including Walmart, Target, Pizza Hut and AutoZone, to understand how delivery robots could help other businesses.

FedEx’s interest highlights how businesses are increasingly focused on automating deliveries. It also raises concerns about the impact on cities and employment, as robots crowd sidewalks and delivery jobs are automated.

This little robot can sanitize your hotel room sheets.

Ever spent a sleepless night in a hotel room freaking out about all the germs you might be sharing a bed with?

Chances are you’re going to want to get your sanitized hands on a new invention that promises to expunge all bacteria from between the sheets in a matter of minutes.

CleanseBot is a portable robotic hotel room cleaner that’s now in production following a crowdsourcing campaign that raised nearly $1.5 million — clearly there’s a lot of germaphobes out there.

CNN Business’ @SamuelCNN tests out Microsoft’s new augmented reality headset, the HoloLens 2. Here’s how it can help certain workers do their jobs.

“Users who wear a HoloLens headset see the world around them, but with virtual graphics overlaid. The images often integrate with real surfaces and objects — imagine a virtual cup of coffee appearing to rest on a real table.”

The newest version of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset is designed to help workers of all types better do their jobs.

Microsoft announced the $3,500 HoloLens 2 Sunday in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, an annual event for the mobile industry.

The company demonstrated a variety of possible workplace uses across a range of industries. One demonstration featured a creative team for a toy company collaborating in real time in a virtual conference room. Other demonstrations showed auto manufacturing, industrial equipment repair and medical procedures that were all aided by the augmented reality technology. The newest version of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset is designed to help workers of all types better do their jobs.

Basketball robots and flying cops.

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