Robert Kraft Surveillance Video to be Released to the Public

Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

CNN reported on Wednesday that Prosecutors have said “they intend to release video footage that is expected to show the New England Patriots owner receiving sexual services at a Florida day spa.”

According to Prosecutors “As custodian of the records, prosecutors say state law compels them to release the evidence to the media. They will “pixelate or blur depictions of obscene or pornographic images before releasing such records to the public, absent a court order.”

As the News Blender reported in February Robert Kraft, owner of the Superbowl Champion New England Patriots football was arrested and charged “with two counts of soliciting someone to commit prostitution.”

The video featuring Karft, who at the time of his arrested issued an apology saying he understands that he “hurt and disappointed,” friends, family, and Patriot fans alike, will be among twenty-four other videos the prosecutors intend to release.

Kraft’s lawyers fought the release of the tape, calling it, “basically pornography,” they have also asked the tape not be used as evidence in Kraft’s trial.

CNN notes a hearing on that matter is expected on April 26th.

Kraft has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

There is no announcement on when the videos will be released.

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