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Ben & Jerry's ice cream, photo by Anton Porsche

For Jeff Wysaki, every day is April Fools’ Day. For years, he has been casually leaving things in public places for people to discover.

Some of his works are official-looking signs which contain instructions or supplemental information and advertisement which is just plain wrong… and thus, the name of his project, Obvious Plant. These signs are then posted in public areas where they would seem to make sense. They typically stay up until someone in authority notices the incorrect sign and takes them down.

Sometimes he generates posters and lets them loose onto an unsuspecting world, whether at the Arby’s or a dentist’s office….

And then there are the products, which take three forms. First are the ones designed to look like bad foreign knock-offs of real products. Then there are ones which are carefully repackaged versions of existing things. Of those two, my favorites are the repackagings.

Lastly there are the original products which just seem too bizarre to exist. They do… but that’s not going to stop people from being able to find a stylish prototype.

Don’t assume, just because I used Twitter posts to display some of his work, that it is his only medium for sharing his efforts. He also posts on Facebook, Instagram, and on his web site… as well as in many unsuspecting retail stores and public venues, performing his unique brand of “reverse shoplifting”.

Question of the night: what’s your favorite humor website?

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