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Tooth removal is an experience that most people encounter at some point in their life, and it is never pleasant. Necessary, but not pleasant. The phrase “like pulling teeth” means that a task is difficult or time consuming, and the very notion of dentistry is a common fear.

The fear is usually related to anticipation of pain. In rare instances, like that of Rachel Johnson of the UK and Judith Gan of Connecticut, the fear is completely validated, as both proved that getting multiple teeth extracted simultaneously can be fatal.

Sometimes, however, getting multiple teeth removed in one operation is the best way to go. In 2014, seventeen-year-old Ashik Gavai demonstrated that fact.

The Indian teen had been complaining about an aching lump in his jaw when he was fifteen. The lump was not initially large, nor was it intensely painful. Over time, however, the mass grew and became steadily more discomforting. By the time he was seventeen, a trip to the dentist was scheduled.

There he was diagnosed with a complex composite odontoma – a tumor, of sorts. In this type of tumor, though, a portion of the jaw spawns a group of smaller teeth. The record for such teeth was 37. Then came Ashik.

The location of his growth had allowed for more teeth to be formed than usual, and the duration of time between the initial complaints and the dental visit had provided a chance for teeth to grow. The doctors were certain there would be more than 37 of them to remove, but they couldn’t tell the exact number from the x-rays.

The final count, after the seven-hour operation? 232 extra teeth, ranging from the size of tiny pearls to nearly full-sized molars.

Both the doctors and Ashik hope that the condition does not recur.

Question of the night: Do you have any medical experience stories you’d like to share?

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