Trump Tweets: Are a Pre-Existing Condition

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It’s Wednesday.

President Trump has tweeted 3 times so far.

Tuesday President Trump had a banner day with gaffes, first, mistaking the word oranges for origins, saying his father was from Germany, and those two were just in the afternoon.

He later gave a 1 hour and 28 minutes speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual spring dinner event.

During his speech he told the gathered Republican Congressmen that Windmills cause cancer. He even provided sound effects.

He also told Republicans he didn’t like the way “votes were being tallied,” this is after he told the R’s they needed to be a bit “more paranoid.”

At the 54 minute more he said while speaking of the bipartisan visa lottery bill that was passed in the 90’s, that, “I don’t want to use names, I’ll get in trouble, because it’s always–somebody is going to leak this whole damn speech to the media. To the fake news.”

The speech was broadcast live.

The video is the full video it’s cued up to his quoted comment.

Onward to the tweets.

1. I was never…

2. Republicans will always support pre-existing conditions!

During his rally type speech that was broadcast live, not leaked, President Trump stated in part, that the Republicans will cover pre-existing conditions, just as Obamacare where in the person can’t be charged a higher premium. However, according to CNN Money, from July 2017, when the Republican proposed “skinny repeal,” failed in the Senate, they explain that “Waiving Obamacare’s regulations is key to reducing premiums — for younger and healthier consumers, at least. They would likely be able to get cheaper policies, though they would cover less and require enrollees to pay more out of pocket for care. Older Americans and those with pre-existing conditions would likely see their premiums rise and their policies become less comprehensive.”

Senator Majority Mitch McConnell, spoke with reports on Tuesday, and explained that the Senate had no intention of bringing the issue of Obamacare up for debate. He also explains that he spoke with the President and told the President the same thing prior to his presser.

3. If no action, Border, or large sections of Border, will close.

Last week President Trump threatened to close the Southern Border, if Mexico did not step-up action helping the U.S. by stopping illegal entry aliens into the United States.

It’s being reported that given President Trump statements on the border closing either some ports of entry or all ports of entry, that the White House is scrambling to prevent the closure, or in fact, trying to figure out how to close the border with the least amount of economic impact.

Opinion: Let this sink in, the President is threatening an action nobody wants on The Hill, because of the economic impacts to Americans, as it’s reported some million Americans work or are connected in some financial way to trade with Mexico. But instead of telling the President the truth that this is a horrible idea, that would only hurt Americans, while not curbing illegal entry, his administration is working on a plan to give him what he wants. This is not normal.

During his gaffe-tastic Tuesday, President Trump explained that while he agrees closing the border would have a negative impact, but for him, security is more important than trade.

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