Trump Tweets: Leaving Now

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It’s Friday.

President Trump finished Thursday by tweeting 6 more times.

He has tweeted for Friday so far 5 6 9 10 times.

1. Now They’re Inventing A Coverup [Cover-up]…

As the News Blender reported on Thursday, the invention of a cover-up, stems from reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team is unhappy with Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary not summary.

Those reporting the unhappiness of Mueller’s team members are: The New York Times, The Washington Post, and NBC News.

Opinion: It’s not so much that it is a cover-up, it’s the appearance of one that’s the issue. Barr has had time to make the teams summaries, which seems to be where the issues lie for the team members according to the sources of each article. Why not make those public, if they are written, if they are unclassified or as one article notes near enough that any redactions would be fast, why not release them to the public?

And not for the first, and sadly not for the last time, collusion is a made up word. It’s not a crime, the crime that President Trump, his team, his own son, could have been, *still can be, guilty of, is Conspiracy against the United States.

Collusion happened this is not even a matter of “according to my opinion,” colluding happened when Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, met in the Trump Tower with a Russian informant.

The reason it’s colluding is because they met with the intention to obtain dirt from the Russian government on Hillary Clinton. And they did not inform the FBI of this meeting or contact. They even went so far as to try and “Coverup” the meeting.

*I say still can be guilty, because the public hasn’t seen the report, President Trump, allegedly, hasn’t seen the report. Most of all we are doing is the same thing we were doing before Mueller’s Report was handed over to Barr, speculating. It’s possible there isn’t enough evidence to convict on Conspiracy, however, beyond a reasonable doubt, is not the bar in the court of public opinion.

Tweets 2, 3, 4, and 5, focus on the border. He blasts the Washington Post. He again threatens Mexico with car tariffs if they don’t stop immigration to both their country and ours. He goes on to make Mexico responsible for stopping the drug addiction of Americans. And finally announces his leaving for the Southern Border.

On Thursday while speaking to reporters President Trump gave Mexico one-year to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the U.S., or he’d in fact place tariffs on the cars and/or car parts shipped to the U.S..

As to the “crazed and dishonest” Washington Post tweet, the only article I found that mentioned the Border, was an article by freelance writer Roxana Popescu. And an article posted by the Associated Press on the Post’s website.

All other border stories posted that I found were posted after the tweet was sent.

According to fact-checker Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star the USMCA, has been signed and is in force, while it awaits Congressional approval. He explains that the signed USMCA deal “exempts so many auto imports from Mexico from any future tariffs that Mexico is effectively exempt from tariffs.”

Daniel Dale also pointed out on Thursday after President Trump gave Mexico a year to stop drugs flowing into our country, that the President’s threats to close the border or punish both Americans and Mexicans alike, has evolved since he tweeted the first threat last week.


CNN reports that the economy added 136,000 jobs for March, which as the article notes is up 33,000 from the prior month of February.

The article goes on to say, “While March hiring was robust, it brings the first-quarter average to 180,000 jobs created per month, down from 223,000 per month on average in 2018. Economists have been expecting a slowdown, and so far it looks gradual enough to support the idea that the economy may glide to a lower level of activity in 2019 rather than shudder to a halt.”

7. Republicans are producing big for Wisconsin!

8. They will be voting for me!

*raises eyebrow*

9. Pats himself on the back for everything…

I’m old enough to remember when the Republican and Conservative POV was “the government doesn’t create jobs.”

I’m also old enough to remember that according to Republican economic mind trusts such as Larry Kudlow, 300,000 plus jobs needed to be added to the economy each month to show growth…

10. magnificence of the phrase, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

This is not normal, I repeat not normal.

This post will be updated within reason. 

This is an Open Thread.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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