Trump Tweets: Someday!

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It’s Tuesday.

Monday found the world watching as Notre Dame Cathedral burned.

Monday found another 2020 Presidential candidate entering the race, this time as a Republican challenger to President Trump.

Monday the Department of Justice announced that the redacted Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation Report would be made available to Congress and the public on Thursday.

So far for Tuesday President Trump has tweeted 3 times.

1. Someday!

2. At least it wasn’t all caps?

I skimmed the two articles posted above and the quote doesn’t exist in the articles.

Above is a podcast I did not listen to.

According to Trump Twitter Archive this is President Trump’s 93rd time mentioning “no collusion.”

Collusion is not a crime *she says for the billionth time*

Obstruction or Attempted Obstruction is a crime. As Attorney General William Barr explained in his summary not summary, Mueller did not reach the conclusion that President did or did not Obstruction Justice.

Barr and the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded that based on the “principle conclusions” or the “bottom line” of the report that Barr summarized that’s not a summary, that President Trump did not criminally Obstruction Justice.

For What my non-legal opinion is worth, the reporting surrounding the decision to state the DOJ had decided not to criminally charge the President with Obstruction states that because the non-crime of collusion did not happen, there was nothing to Obstruct.

However, the bar for Obstruction isn’t the crime itself, the bar is technically whether or not the person attempted or did Obstruct an investigation into whether or not there was the underlying crime.

Criminally speaking as a non-lawyer, proving that a person did in fact attempt to or did Obstruct Justice, is not an easy task.

The questions remain this, did President Trump commit Obstruction of Justice to prevent any or all investigations into his campaign ties to Russia, Russia’s involvement with attempting to sway our election by spreading propaganda and whether or not the firing of FBI Director was done in order to stop those investigations.

As a reminder a President does not have to commit a crime to face articles of impeachment. He or she just has to prove unfit for the office of President.

3. Very strange, and we [we?] have Donna Brazile.

Fox News hosted a town-hall event on Monday Politico reported it was moderated by “Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum” and took place “smack dab in the middle of Trump Country.”

4. Rally Time

The day before Easter Sunday, two days after the redacted Mueller report is made public, the President will host a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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