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Cat sleeping on keyboard. Photo by Remedios44.

This week, the world lost one of its most influential voices. I’m not talking about the beloved comedian Tim Conway, nor one of the few remaining early Hollywood stars, Doris Day. I’m not talking about the American novelist Herman Wouk. I’m not even talking about I.M. Pei, arguably the second-most influential architect of the 20th century after Frank Lloyd Wright.

No, I’m talking about Tardar Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat.

Tardar was, by all reports, a sweet-tempered kitty whose dwarfism and underbite created what appeared to be a perpetual grimace. As with other dwarfs, her poor development created health issues which left her vulnerable to diseases that normal felines of her age can typically weather.

It might be considered tacky to flood the internet with memes of one of the humans who passed away this week, but as Grumpy Cat became famous through memes, it can be interpreted as appreciation in her case. Besides, it’s been a while since we did a meme blitz.

So, with a nod of thanks for the smiles that Grumpy Cat provided… cat meme day.

First, Tardar herself…

Then we have another cat who may be trying to send you to meet her…

Some cats are helpful, rather than harmful.

Some merely desire to be left alone…

…while others demand your attention, on their terms.

Some – okay, most – cats have an overinflated opinion of themselves. This should really not be encouraged.

But no matter what… have fun.

Please, feel very encouraged to post any cat memes you like to the comment section below. It’s the internet, there are a few hundred thousand of them out there.

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