ICYMI Weather: Raging Storms Hammer Heartland Country

Canary. Photo by 4028mdk09.

May 20th NOAA Satellite imaging.

I was just in Oklahoma for 3 weeks. I left to travel back south to Houston Friday night, May 17th. It started raining Saturday morning, the next day. Last I heard, yesterday, they have rain in their forecasts for another 7 days.

My sister lives in this area. This happened last Monday. The text was ‘had a twin drop down.’ This is the first picture I’ve seen of it.

She lives on the high side of the Cimarron.

I posted this in Notes on Thursday, but in case you missed it. Grew up fishing at the Webber Lock and Damn. The barges came lose of their moorings upstream. They’re now submerged blocking the damn from draining.

March 22-23 NOAA Satellite imaging shows storms raging across Oklahoma and up into Missouri.

Carl Junction, Missouri.

Oklahoma humor.

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