Pelosi: I pray for the president of the United States

Official White House Photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi by D. Myles Cullen

After President Trump demanded that Democrats end their oversight investigations, walked out of a bipartisan meeting to discuss infrastructure initiatives, and gave an impromptu statement in the Rose Garden, Democrats held their own press conference.

Nancy Pelosi told reporters that perhaps the reason President Trump walked out and gave the offered initiatives a pass is because of a lack of confidence and because he couldn’t match the challenge. She concluded by saying that she prays for the president and for the United States of America.

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer accused the president of running away and using a pre-planned excuse to avoid working with the Democrats on infrastructure.

Prior to the infrastructure meeting, Speaker Pelosi answered questions from reporters about the meeting the Democratic leadership had to discuss the possibility of beginning the impeachment process. She said, “We believe that no one is above the law, including the president of the United States, and we believe the president of the United States is involved in a cover up.”

After the president left the meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, the press was quickly assembled in the Rose Garden for a statement. President Trump, with a sign saying, “No Collusion”, “No Obstruction”, and “18 Angry Democrats” displayed in front of his podium outside the White House, announced that he doesn’t do cover ups and lamented the various Congressional investigations that are out to get him. He opined at some length about Jerrold Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who he said had been his enemy for many years.

Trump told the hastily assembled gathering, “I walked into the room and I told Senator Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, I want to do infrastructure. I want to do it more than you want to do it. I’d be really good at that. That is what I do. But you know what, you can’t do it under these circumstances. So get these phony investigations over with.”

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