Saturday Morning Meandering

Canary. Photo by 4028mdk09.

It is that time of year for attack of the lovebugs.

For those who don’t know about lovebugs, count yourself blessed. They’re completely harmless, but are an insane menace for about a month or so during mating season in the spring in April-May, then take flight again in the late summer between August-September, in the southeast along the Gulf states. Though recently they’ve been making their way up into northern Florida and are now being seen in Georgia and South Carolina.

Some seasons are worse than others. Driving through swarms is like driving in a heavy rain. I’ve driven through some so heavy it can almost black the windshield out. They stick to the front grill and hood of the hot car like glue. Washing them off quickly is important or they can really do a number on a car’s paint job. It’s crazy.

Roadtrip back south to Houston Friday night. I’ve been north of the Red River for 3 weeks so not sure what they’re doing. I may have pictures for next weekend’s meandering.


I posted this in Notes a couple day ago, but it was too fun to pass up for a second go in case anyone missed it.

We’d see water spouts in Florida when we’d go, but not as big or as up close to the shore line as this.

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