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Photo postcard of Oliver O. Oliver (Ray Rayner), Bozo the Clown (Bob Bell), Sandy the Clown (Don Sandburg), and Ringmaster Ned (Ned Locke) on Bozo's Circus on WGN-TV.

The United States Government has hundreds of national months, weeks, and days attributed to promoting one thing or another. There’s Great American Pies Month (known to the non-baking world as February), National Saxophone Day (November 6) and National Midwifery Week (First week in October, so if you’re scheduled to give birth outside a hospital during that week, be prepared to tip extra.)

Then there’s National Clown Week, which is observed the first week in August. The idea is to promote the family-friendly image of the clown and to celebrate their place in American entertainment history.

This is something that the Kansas City Star decided to celebrate in 1999 by commemorating the week in the pages of their “Family Fun” section. They presented the clown-related events that were available in the city during the week, and even provided a picture of a famous clown to get the families into the mood.

They probably shouldn’t have chosen John Wayne Gacy, in his Pogo the Clown role. They certainly shouldn’t have made the accompanying headline “It’s a rule. You MUST celebrate Clown Week.”

Unsurprisingly, residents were upset… not least of which, the local clown population, which had seen one of their biggest yearly promotions buried in controversy due to a serial killer.

Question of the night: What yearly events do you enjoy attending?

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