TNB Night Owl – German Unicorn Flower Show

Unicorn by Pearson Scott Foresman

A yearly flower show in Remstal, Germany had an unusual visitor at this year’s opening festival. A unicorn appeared, walking amidst the flowers and making itself available for pictures with the children. The arrival was not part of the announced arrangements by the festival committee, and many visitors were stunned to see it there. The unicorn is part of the city’s coat of arms, but they aren’t typically seen in real life.

Apparently, when these mythical creatures are glimpsed, it’s usually a mostly-naked politician wearing underwear, a headdress, hoof-cuffs and body paint.

The person in charge of the show was questioned by the media about the unexpected visitor.

“I don’t mind unicorns, but the way it was presented wasn’t quite appropriate,” Thorsten Renglert, the Remstal gardening show’s director said, stressing that he wasn’t referring to the nudity, which he said “wasn’t really that nocticeable.”

There’s no word on whether she chimed in about the ongoing alicorn/pegacorn debate on the proper term for a unicorn with wings.

Question of the night: What’s a costume you’ve worn?

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