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Last Saturday, a theater in Montreal made an error. They accidentally scheduled two movies in the wrong theaters, resulting in audiences getting the wrong set of previews and a couple of minutes of the wrong movie before swapping theaters.

While some horror movie fans were likely annoyed to miss the previews for Annabelle Comes Home (a demon-possessed doll movie), The Joker, and the Child’s Play remake, their reactions were of secondary concern. More worrisome by far were the traumatized young children seated for what they expected was going to be Detective Pikachu.

It was all captured in tweets by a horrified Ryan George.

La Llorana opens with a scene of a mother drowning her young child who is trying to run away. Not the best choice after subjecting kids to two killer dolls and a murderous clown / supervillain.

Ryan George is not famous enough to have earned the blue Twitter checkmark indicating a verified identity, but he is famous enough to have a Twitter following of more than twelve thousand, and it’s because of one thing: the pitch sessions.

Ryan does pitch sessions for Screen Rant, and loads them to Youtube. He plays both characters, a writer and a producer, and in them he cleverly dissects the issues facing a given movie… from plot inconsistencies to irrationality to simple questions of propriety.

At one point, the writer will describe something as “Super easy… barely an inconvenience”. At one point, the producer will describe something as “tight”. The opening is always the door to the office, the closing is a chord strum and an article counterpointing the final thing stated. Beyond that, the sessions are small self-contained comedies unique to the issues of the movie in question. For your amusement, some are linked here.

The sessions tend toward children’s animated films and super-hero films. If this suggests that those styles of film often ignore things like science, consistency and reason… well, yes, they do.

Question of the night: What movie (whether or not it’s already been done) would you like to see skewered in one of these sessions?

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