President Trump Delays ICE Raids

Plaid Shirt Guy making faces at the Montana Donald Trump rally. Image Capture by TNB.

Saturday via Twitter President Trump announced that “at the request of the Democrats” he would be holding off on the planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids reportedly set to begin on Sunday to remove illegal immigrates.

The announcement comes just hours after the President defended the planned removal process that was set to take place across ten-major cities.

Prior to his comments to the press as he awaited to depart DC for Camp David, the President via Twitter Saturday morning also defended the planned raids.

The Washington Post reports that large-enforcement actions had received pushback from “Democratic leaders mayors from Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Newark, and New York, who have condemned the actions and launched efforts to aid residents (several of these cities identify themselves as sanctuary cities.) A handful of major metropolitan police departments have also announced they will not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.”

The removal process that reportedly would include some families, was first announced by President Trump also via Twitter, on June 17th.

For What It’s Worth.

The postponement of the deportation raids, also follows reports of inhumane conditions that minors are subjected to in detention centers, as the News Blender reported on Thursday, and Snip Bytes reported on Saturday, a DOJ lawyer, attempted to argue before the 9th circuit court, that the government did not violate the Flores agreement, by not providing soap, toothbrushes, and safe sleeping conditions to migrant children, because the agreement failed to enumerate what passed for “safe and Sanitary” conditions.

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