TNB Night Owl – Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hippo, photo by PJ KAPDostie

In 1978, Milton Bradley released Hungry Hungry Hippos to the world. They hoped it would be a success… but then, they also hoped that Laser Attack and Rock the Boat, both released the same year, would be successes.

The frenetic – and somewhat random – gameplay of smashing a lever down repeatedly (and hoping you didn’t break it ) to gobble up marbles caught on. Whether it was the actual mechanics of the game or the odd design of plastic hippo heads bobbing up and down, it became an international hit. Not the most popular game in the world, but a consistent favorite.

Of course, people had to tinker with it.

There is an oversized HHH game, where the hippos are the size of a small child. It’s primarily available for party rental… as is the giant-sized inflatable version.

Have you ever wanted to be a ball-consuming pachyderm? Here’s your chance, as demonstrated by some ABC network hosts:

All they’re missing are mascot costumes.

Or if people prefer, they can just go to the yearly gaming convention, GenCon, and participate in the annual HHH World Championship. People can choose to be on team Happy (pink), Henry (orange), Harry (yellow) or Homer (green) and go crazy with the lever pressing. It’s certainly a break from the usual multi-hour complex wargaming and tournament RPGs which are showcased at the convention.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite hungry hippo?

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