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Fiat Punto, photo by Makizox

Many European nations vie for the attention which accompanies sexuality. France is notorious for its illicit passions; Germany, for its red-light districts. In 2004, Italy decided that their “hot blooded” reputation apparently wasn’t enough anymore.

That’s when the town of Vinci, Leonardo’s home, created the Love Car Park. As reported by the U.K. Telegraph:

“I only took account of reality, instead of ignoring it. This idea was born of a civic sense. Administrators have to cater to the needs of the people, and for young people here, having a place where they can be intimate is a genuine need.”

Mayor Giancarlo Faenzi

The car park already existed, and it was a mess. Police were tired of arresting people for having sex in the location, and sanitation workers were very tired of cleaning up rubbish left by overnight dalliances.

The revamp created a paved area with space for 172 cars, low lighting, tissue paper dispensers and special trash receptacles.

Fortunately for the world, it was an idea whose time had not yet come.

Ahem. The parking lot’s “special purpose” was only respected for a short while before it shifted to become a regular location for normal car activity again. Police once more began to issue citations. And thankfully, sex in cars became ever less common.

Until 2012, when the trend was revived throughout Italy, as noted by Public Radio International. This time, without a dedicated parking lot to facilitate those efforts.

Question of the night: What’s a trend that should never have experienced a revival?

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