Epstein Injured In Possible Suicide Attempt

Photo by Bob Jagendorf

Jeffrey Epstein, the accused child sex trafficker who was both a close friend and party host for both President Trump and helped to create the Clinton Foundation, has been found injured in his cell. He was discovered on the floor and with marks around his neck. NBC sources at the jail report that he was discovered in the fetal position, while the New York Post‘s sources say he was found sprawled on the floor.

Because of the possibility of an attempted hanging, he had been placed on suicide watch. Both reporting news venues have sources at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan who have said that the possible hanging attempt is also being investigated as a possible ruse, an attempt to get moved to better facilities.

Another possibility being investigated is assault by another inmate, specifically Nicholas Tartaglione, a former police officer who is accused of murdering four men and burying them in his yard as part of a cocaine distribution conspiracy. Tartaglione’s lawyer denies this, and points out that the two have reportedly been getting along.

Both inmates have repeatedly complained about the conditions in the cell, including occasional flooding, the presence rodents and the low food quality

Jeffrey Epstein remains incarcerated after having been denied bail as a probable flight risk after prosecutors provided evidence from one of his safes which contained a fake Saudi Arabian passport and bundles of money. He has been accused of sex trafficking of underage girls, with more charges possible as more victims continue to come forward.

The heavily favorable plea deal Epstein received after an investigation on previous, similar charges was scrutinized after the latest arrest, and led to the resignation of Trump’s Labor Secretary R. Alexander Acosta.

Epstein is known to have hosted lavish and secretive parties for foreign officials, entertainment celebrities, and prominent politicians… including both President Trump and President Clinton. Initial reports from the current investigation have added to suspicion of illicit activity at those parties, and potential blackmail associated to that activity.

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