Judge Rules Epstein is a Flight Risk and Denies Bail

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On Thursday as the News Blender mentioned, politically connected registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein would learn his fate regarding bail. U.S. District Judge Richard Berman, wasted little time in denying bail, siding with the Government.

The Washington Post reports that Epstein 66, who was arrested last week on charges of sex trafficking of minors, that Epstein will stay in jail while he awaits his trail on the new charges that allege he between 2002-2005 that sexually abused children.

According to the article Epstein had offered his $77 million Manhattan mansion as collateral and also offered to be placed under house arrest, with 24/7 security that he agreed to pay for.

But prosecutors argued that given financial records that show Epstein is worth more than $500 million dollars, the seizure of more than $70,000 in cash from a safe in his Manhattan home, plus the discovery of forty-eight loose diamonds, and a foreign passport, expired, issued under a different name than Epstein’s, but with a photo of Epstein, that even house arrest did not ensure Epstein would not flee the jurisdiction.

NBC News reports that on Monday, two women testified that they were victims of Epstein and encouraged the court to deny bail saying he posed a danger to he community.

Courthouse News report Adam Klasfled was inside the New York Court room and live tweeted.

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