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The news these days is often depressing at worst and frustrating at best. It’s easy to get caught up in the spin cycle and let it get us down. Never fear… The News Blender has you covered. Once a week we feature Something Good and, in return, all you have to do is tell us something good that has happened to you this week, something you are thankful for, a joke, a cute animal story, an inspiring tale of heroics, a Random Act of Kindness… SOMETHING good.

This week’s Something Good is a genuine hero.

Derrick Byrd, a 20 year-old from Aberdeen, Washington, sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, neck, and hands when he ran back into a burning house to save his eight year-old niece last week. And he says he would do it all over again.

When the fire started, Derrick was asleep but awoke to quickly helped his sister Kayla get her three children out the second story window. He ran downstairs through the fire to catch nephews Junior and the baby, Rory, as Kayla helped them to safety. But Mercedes was afraid and, when her mom fell off the roof, Mercedes ended up back in the burning room.

Mercedes was screaming his name and Derrick says, “So I wasn’t just going to let her sit there. I wasn’t going to let my niece die. And I just ran up the stairs and pushed through the fire.” He continued,”I could feel it burning me. I got her and took my shirt off and put it around her face so she wouldn’t breath in any smoke and I just carried her out as fast as I could.”

He told KOMO News that he doesn’t consider himself a hero, that he just did it for his niece and nephews, and that he would do it again.

“I’d do it again. I really would. I don’t care. I really would. I’d run back in there and do it again even if I got burnt worse or died,” Derrick said. “Even though I got burnt. I really didn’t care, though. I’d rather get burnt than her. She’s young. She’s still got a lot of stuff going for her. She’s a good kid.”

Derrick, Mercedes, and six year-old Junior were airlifted to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. Neighbors have started a drive to help the family, who lost nearly everything in the fire, with food, clothing, and toys. The cause of the blaze is unknown but everyone is thankful no one died in the fire, thanks to a brave and quick thinking uncle.

Now it’s your turn… Tell me Something Good!

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