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Baileys Irish Cream, photo by アップロード者本人

Some mixed drinks are commonly known. The Bloody Mary, the Long Island Iced Tea, the Tequila Sunrise, the Hurricane, the Martini. Others are less familiar, like an El Presidente or Diamondback. Then there’s the Cement Mixer, a mixed drink that reminds people of a famed adage: you get what you pay for.

A cement mixer is a specialty shot which is almost always provided for free. They are comprised of two popular cocktail ingredients, the tastes of which are at odds with each other. It’s therefore used as a “joke” concoction by many, who offer them to novice drinkers.

They’re also used by bartenders to get rid of annoying patrons.

The components are Bailey’s Irish Cream, which has a smooth texture and a moderate flavor which many find appealing; and lime juice, used in the creation of many coctktails for the combination of sweetness and the mild bite that can accentuate the alcohol without bringing making the flavor oppressive.

The pair are mixed together, then immediately handed to the target. “Immediately” is key, because as the cream hits the acid of the lime juice, an expected chemical reaction occurs. The cream curdles.

The unruly customer who has just received a free shot has, if they have quickly swallowed their libation, a few moments to make it outside or to the bathroom before their stomach rebels. This is not a guaranteed reaction; some people have conditioned themselves to keep spoiled dairy products down, though for what reason I cannot fathom. It is exceedingly likely, however, particularly if someone’s been spending previous hours consuming beer, wine or other liquors.

If you’ve never heard of this drink before, be glad: your friends are not casually cruel, nor have you ever been enough of a pest to make you the target of your bartender.

Question of the night: What’s a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) that you find unpleasant but others seem to enjoy?

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