TNB Night Owl – Poptimus Prime

Balloon modellers toolkit, photo by Jeremy Kemp

Some days deserve a little relaxation. With all of the stress in our lives, we might even need a large amount of relaxation. Maybe even some huge relaxation.

How huge? Let’s say… about fifty feet tall. This was the task that John Reid of Epic Balloons set for himself when he began creating his sculpture for the 2014 Salt Lake City Comic Con FanXperience

It took him 42 hours and more than 4300 balloons. When he had finished, he’d set a new world record for largest single-person balloon sculpture. More importantly, he’d created a giant robot, by himself and indoors, in less than two days.

Here’s a time lapse video of the entire construction:

The robot was too tall to fit inside the structure when standing up, but it would not have been structurally sound in that position, anyway. Despite the name, there is no indication that the robot sculpture could turn into a balloon truck.

Would have been cool, though. And even without that special ability, it’s fairly relaxing, watching someone inflate and join all those balloons… particularly when you can take less than five minutes to recreate almost two days of work.

Question of the night: what’s your favorite robot character?

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